Digital Studies subdomain & Digital Identity

When creating my digital studies subdomain I found it a little challenging because I had not worked with WordPress and my main domain since first semester freshman year. My very first semester I was in the history of genocides FSEM with Professor Al-Tikriti and was required to make a main domain and subdomain for that class. This course was heavily reading intensive therefore, we many of our posts were on those readings. Along with those blog posts, we also blogged about movies we watched in class. Being a political science major, I often tried to connect material we were learning to politics. At the end of the semester I felt as though I had a well-developed blog and reflected on the things I learned. It was the first blog I made so it was interesting to see the outcome at the end of it.

Now as a second semester sophomore, I have decided to add a digital studies minor to my security & conflict studies minor. I am currently in an Intro to Digital Studies class where I have made this new subdomain. I am excited to begin a new subdomain and have it expand like my history of genocides blog. I hope to reflect on readings and new things I learn through different media forms. I believe that expanding my main domain with subdomains will help expand my digital identity.