Module 4: Iteration

For my 4th and final module I chose to revisit the travel blog I made for the previous blogging module. I chose to expand this project because it was the one I was the most passionate about and a project I was looking to expand in the future regardless. I’ve always wanted to make a travel blog so when I saw this as a module option I was very excited and chose it automatically. I really like how the blog turned out as a whole. The blog starts with a big panoramic picture that I took on a trip to the Bahamas. As you scroll down you see my blog posts and on the right bar side there is a gallery of photos from different places I’ve been to. In this iteration I changed the background color of the blog, added a few new photos to the gallery and wrote some new blog posts of course. My first new blog post was a bucket list of destinations I want to travel to. The following 3 blog posts were about my travel plans for this summer which I’m very excited about! I like the changes I made to the blog and think that is really expanded and developed it compared to before. I chose the black background instead of white because black backgrounds help make colors look for vibrant and bright which would help the photos look better on the blog. In the future, I hope to continue using this blog and expand it even more. Below is the link to my travel blog.