Module 1: Art of the Animated GIF


I chose the Art of the Animated GIF moduleto learn more about GIFS and how to make them. I had seen many GIFS on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram but always thought they were difficult to make. At the start of this module my goal was to make a GIF. My mind boggled at different ideas of all the different GIFS I could make, I thought about making it TV show based or picking a movie I like. I heard of the website GIPHY in which you can easily make a GIF; I had chosen the TV show series Shark Week and found a cool YouTube video and tried to upload it but there was a minute limit of video you can upload to GIPHY so my first try did not work. My next plan was to find a GIF making app on my Iphone to make the GIF. I held down the camera button to take a rapid series of photos of the scene I wanted to make a GIF out of from the Youtube video and uploaded all of them onto the app. I was surprised at all the editing options after the GIF was formatted. On this app you could insert text boxes, apply filters, or cut the video. I applied a filter to the GIF to make it more contrasted. Below is my first try at a GIF.

Soon after, I realized that this GIF had no personal meaning to me at all. Since this module assignment was so broad I decided to make GIF’s of things that are meaningful to me. I’m a Washington Capitals fan so I decided to make a GIF out of a video of the last game I went to over winter break. I also put a black and white filter on it. The next one is a GIF of my dog of course! The third is a GIF of my trip to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas over the summer. I love tropical weather and traveling a lot so this GIF was really meaningful to me. The last GIF is of me and some friends hiking; I love to hike and spend time with friends so it was an great day.

Through this module I learned how to make GIF’s which was my goal. I was surprised as to how easy it was to make them. I had some problems uploading them on to this blog post but eventually figured it out. Before this module I had no idea how to make a GIF and thought it was a long tedious process but now I know how easy it is to make them; they’re also really cool so I look forward to making more and teaching others how to also.

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