Module 2: Blogging

From the start of taking DGST 101 I soon noticed how much we would be blogging throughout the course. With the creation of my DGST subdomain for the course I thought I might as well expand my subdomains even further by choosing to do the blogging module. This module was very appealing to me because I’ve always been interested in making a personal blog that was not school affiliated such as a travel blog. One of my goals in making this new subdomain was to do it all on my own without the help of others or the DKC which I accomplished. When creating the travel blog I took little details into consideration like the theme, menus, colors, pictures, etc. I wanted the blog to have a good layout and aesthetic for a travel blog. The theme I chose was Twenty Seventeen because I liked the big image spot as the header and thought it would be good for this type of blog. I wanted to make the title simple but with the point so I just called it “Travels” and included my name under it. I only wrote one blog post on it to create the effect that this will be an on going blog with more posts to come. I hope to travel a lot this summer and have some plans for Europe and the Caribbean that I would love to write about on the blog. Another reason I chose Nassau was because I remembered I had gone to Junkanoo Beach there which was mentioned in the book we read, Midnight Robber. Another feature I liked about this theme was that I could include a gallery next to my posts which I found perfect for a travel blog! So on the side next to my posts there are many little thumbnail pictures of places I’ve been to. I am overall pleased with how my travel blog turned out and am happy that my initial idea for this module worked out the way I hoped it would. ¬†Here is the link to the travel blog I created,¬†

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