Deep Tech Thought 5: First Amendment

“Free speech (the first amendment right of Americans) can be read the same way. People have theoretical rights to free speech, but it is ridiculously easy for people with money to render that right worthless. I’m not arguing here for any specific intervention, but for us to enlarge our thinking about free speech the way we enlarged our thinking about legal representation.” In my History of Political Thought 442 course we were recently just talked about the first amendment and how strong or weak it is implemented in todays society. Research shows that a large amount of millennials believe in a more restricted first amendment when it comes to free speech. If you look closely there are actually a lot of restrictions placed on our freedom of speech. In class discussion we talked about the movement to end the use of the R word. This has been an up and coming movement that was not as popular when my generation was younger. Today many people are devoted to ending the use of the R word and think it is an offensive term. Another way that people think that our free speech is limited is by the Home Owners Association when it comes to lawn signs and having controversial symbols or word in front of peoples houses. For example political signs, group related signs, or vulgar. I can see how some neighborhoods would not want certain expressions on people’s lawns but at the same time there is an understandable argument for the opposite. At the end of the day people do have the freedom of speech whether it be in verbally expressing their opinions or expressing their opinions by signs or posters. People should be respectful of others opinions and not get offended when it does not agree with their own. Personally I was surprised when I found out that millennials are becoming more in favor of freedom of speech restrictions. I would think that they would be in favor of a more free first amendment. However, I can see how our generation has become more sensitized to many words or phrases.

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