Deep Tech Thought 1: 2018 Predications

Traces #39: Some 2018 Predictions

One predication that Michael Caulfield has for 2018 is hacked voter registration. He states that some state voter registration systems will be hacked to create long lines and chaos at the polls. This would be very harmful to the poll results. The US has a low voting rate already; with voters having numerous barriers to make it out to the polls to vote. One barrier are the specific requirements of voting that cause people to not be eligible to vote. Another is the small time frame that voters have with many people being “too busy” to vote. Therefore, having more chaos and longer lines at the polls will severely harm the voter turnout.

Another prediction that Michael Caulfield has but admits to being the most “far out there” predication is the creation of pro-government social media army focused domestically. He believes that President Trump will announce the creation of a “Fake News Commission” to investigate social media and journalists. Although there is a lot of fake news out all the time and a lot of negative media and news out constantly about President Trump; I don’t think he will go to the extent as to do this. ¬†There are probably thousands of social media outlets and journalists out there that could be the target of this but it is apparent if you follow Trump’s presidency that this problem is not a priority to him.

Caulfield, at the end of his newsletter talks about internet privacy. I think people have very little privacy on the internet and that the internet is a very open place. It is very easy to find personal information about yourself or family members that you wouldn’t even expect to be on the internet. As we saw in class, looking at ¬†; I found myself, my family, and even as far as my grandparents, phone numbers, addresses, and other information. It is crazy to think that the internet could have this information but records are very much public data.

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