Module 3: Digital Journalism

For the third module I chose digital journalism. This topic seemed interesting to me especially with the huge change in how people now use digital sources for their news rather than newspapers or the radio. This is something that has changed a lot over the course of years and continues to modernize. In the early years of our generation newspapers and radios were popular resources of hearing the news. Today, society relies on iPhones and many fake news sources to stay up to date on whats happening in the world. Millennials often use Twitter as their main source of news and I myself am guilty to this also. With the high use of social media and media as a main resource for news we have gained a reliance and unseen trust in the internet. Many people often click “remember password” or “remember credit card information” on many websites with out even noticing but these are the traps that lead to fraud and identity theft. I think that everyone including myself can learn to be more cautious when using the internet and see that it is not as safe as a place as we think it is sometimes. Companies and networks share information as we often see in online ads. One day you will be looking at a new water bottle that you are looking to buy from Target and the next day you’ll find that on every website you go on with online ads on the side bars there will be all different types of water bottles. It seems scary at first, you may ask yourself how did this website know I needed a new water bottle? It can be creepy at how much the internet tracks what you do. Below I have created a graph of people’s confidence that private information will remain secure with different companies and organizations. I chose to make a graph to apply to the digital form of journalism module. I thought that making a graph would go along well with the topic of internet privacy I chose. With the Facebook data leak scandal under fire right now in Congress I thought it was an appropriate time to touch on the subject. I obtained the following data from my favorite and most reliable statistics source, Pew Research, where I get much of my political data. Before making this graph I was nervous and was not sure how it would turn out but I quickly learned it is not that difficult to make a graph and it turned out to be just how I wanted it. I color coded the very confident from not so confident and made it into a bar graph. This module made me see internet privacy from a new perspective and I’m happy I overcame a challenge and created a digital journalistic project.

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