Redesigned DGST Syllabus

Course Description

This course introduces the Minor in Digital Studies and is also a requirement for the Major in Communication and Digital Studies. In this class, you will experience a broad approach to digital inquiry, digital creativity and critical practice as they may manifest in different disciplines. In other words, this class will help you develop the ideas, practices, and skills that continue to pursue in elective coursework, should you choose to proceed with the minor or major. If you’re not proceeding with this minor, what you take from this class will be useful in whatever major you pursue as well as, hopefully, the rest of your life.

From the Instructor: The theme of this class is going to be Absence, Invisibility, Erasure.

Readings & Resources


Reimagine the Syllabus

Your Domain/Digital Identity


Modules (x4)

Deep Tech Thoughts (x5)

Digital Polarization

Final Reflection

Each assignment will require a minimum 500-word blog post (or equivalent media format, shared on your blog), either reflecting on the work you did or engaging in the work itself. All of these posts will be shared on your class blog/subdomains, except the Final Reflection, where you may submit it through google docs.

Modules are flexible, open-ended inquiries into certain topics and skills related to digital studies and can be found on Three times during the semester, ad hoc working groups will spend two weeks working on a chosen project, concluding that with a presentation on their progress and outcomes. Find your cohort by declaring your intent to work on a particular module in the appropriate Slack channel, and then communicate with that cohort on Slack and in-person through the weeks.


Learning is interactive, iterative, and connected. Your grade will be based on two elements: your final reflection where you will show what you have learned and evaluate your own performance in the course and standards decided collectively by our learning community.


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